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I’ve done a lot of research and found a great company that helps YouTuber’s make money, not through AdSense which takes an enormous amount of views, but through sponsorship and finding sponsors for your YouTube channel that pertain to your specific niche. This company that helps YouTuber’s find sponsors is called FameBit.

In a previous video, I invited Adam and Agnes from FameBit to join me and explain to my subscribers what FameBit is all about. This was very informative as they talked about helping out the smaller channels find sponsorship with something as simple as submitting a proposal to find companies and brands that would sponsor them. We also talked about how to find other YouTuber’s that would be a great match to collaborate with. Now, signing up with FameBit is so easy to do that I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this opportunity with others‒ to help other YouTuber’s start making money on their very own YouTube channel. And, any channel with 1,000 subscribers can join FameBit and get started.

When I found FameBit, I went to work and did my homework finding out everything that I could about the company. I interviewed them and ask about the ins and outs of what they do along with the advantages that FameBit had to offer YouTuber’s and channels.

What I found out about FameBit is that they are a very solid platform. That is why I am doing this Live Event on how to submit a proposal for sponsorship through FameBit, and wanted to help one of my subscribers; to be able to sign-up and go through the process to help them learn how to submit proposals for perspective sponsors. In this Live Event, I am excited to work with one of my subscribers and show you all how to do this. What a great opportunity it is to get one of my very special subscribers a sponsor for her channel.

FameBit is a platform to connect brands with channels to help make money, and has become a very powerful partnership for channels of any size to grow and become successful. I chose one of my subscribers to join me in this simply because they watch, share, like, and comment on my videos. So I selected Patti Bailey to join me today. She is always engaged with my channel in one way or another and I love how Patti is a very loyal fan of my channel.

To begin I want to explain a little about Patti’s channel. She started about two years old and she deals with health and beauty on her channel. She began following my channel about a year ago and has been with me ever since. Now, Patti has 10,500 subscribers and shared that she thinks she is the oldest person out there making videos on YouTube, as she is 71 years old! I’m not certain who is the oldest YouTuber out there, but Patti definitely has a youthful glow about her and I’m certain that other viewers would agree with me that they wouldn’t ever believe that 71 is her actual age! Patti looks fantastic, and so she is definitely in the right niche where she can share all of her age defying beauty tips on her YouTube channel.

At first, Patti caught my eye with everything she was doing on her YouTube channel. I subscribed to her four months ago, and was going to ask her to do a channel evaluation with me. But then I decided that she would be a perfect candidate to teach her how to submit proposals to get sponsors for her growing YouTube channel. She went ahead and signed up with FameBit after watching my previous Live Event and is ready to get started. And now Patti is ready to learn the correct way to submit proposals to find sponsors that fit into her YouTube channel niche.

Tip # One:

Do Your Homework! This is the time to dig in and really find out what your sponsors are all about. The more you understand what they have to offer, the easier it is to know if they will be a great candidate for your channel. One way to do this is to choose two or three sponsors from FameBit and take some time to search everything you can about them. Do they have a website? Are they connected to social media? Do they produce YouTube videos? Are they big on Facebook? These are the types of questions you need to be asking to get a deeper understanding of what the sponsor is all about… what their products can offer and also see if they fit with your niche. This is a very important process, so take your time studying everything about them so they will be perfect for your target audience.

Why is this so necessary of a step? Because the first priority is to must make a connection with your viewers. The content they watch on your channel must resonate with them. Finding what is trending is another important thing to consider. People love to be in the now, so whatever is trending, that is most likely a good topic to take up. It’s like connecting the dots. If you can see that your viewers are engaged with certain topics, they will stay with you because your content fits into their way of life. This is why having sponsors that resonate with your viewers is such a great opportunity. You will get paid to promote your sponsors products and have a very engaged channel. So the research you are doing is going to be vital to keeping your subscribers engaged with the type of products that your sponsors have to offer.

Tip # Two:

Explain why their brand fits with your channel! This is the time to show sponsors why their brand or product fits with your target audience on YouTube. Remember, you have identified who your subscribers are so now you are fitting the products with the needs of your subscribers. Patti’s subscribers are mature women who have concerns about health and fitness. Now this is where she explains how her channel is a good fit to the sponsors she is seeking. Taking care of her audience includes not only learning beauty tips, but connecting that with the health side of it. This type of audience will benefit from all kinds of information that relates to beauty and health which will make Patti’s channel a complete package. This will also give Patti a captivated audience. It’s important for her to find at least two or three strong sentences or a paragraph as to why she believes the sponsor she is seeking, along their products, will benefit her audience and channel.

Tip # 3:

Create a plan to promote your brand! To offer some ideas here, Patti could turn this plan into a two-part proposal. She mentioned earlier that she was going to Florida on vacation and wanted to lose some weight before she left. This could definitely work for a proposal by stating that she would like to try their product, offer the before and after reviews of the product, and post the videos on her channel. What a great strategy as well as a smart way to ask for sponsorship. By doing a before video along with the after video, this would be a great selling point as your sponsor is looking at your proposal. By going through the process of your product trial, the step by step vlogs would skyrocket the engagement of your channel when your viewers see your results. This right here is probably the best tip to give Patti for her plan. Why? You don’t lose your credibility. You are doing your sponsors a favor by testing out their product in front of a huge audience and showing results. There is no better way for a sponsor to sell their product than by doing this type of advertising.

There you have it. These are the three tips to submitting a solid proposal. A lot of people tend to overcomplicate the process. It’s vital to look and see what these sponsors are about. Find every detail about them and their product to know if it will benefit both of you, and then offer them a well thought-out plan of how you are going to turn this proposal into an advantage for both of you. There are all kinds of ways to showcase their products.

  • The review model that I spoke about in tip 3 is a great way to start because it hits all kinds of buttons with sponsors. They like you to prove that their product has value. By your reviews, you show a large target audience the integrity of what they have to offer people.
  • Another smart way to approach sponsors is by testing out their product in front of your target audience. This can be done in a 3 video segment as you vlog about the results you have experienced with their products.

Time to Submit the Proposal:

Now that we have the three tips that explain what to put into Patti’s proposal, we have to submit it to the sponsors she has found to be the most beneficial for her YouTube channel. The sponsor Patti has chosen for her channel is called FitTea 14 day Detox. After doing some investigating and finding that this product would be a great match to her channel, we clicked on the Send Proposal button. This is where you fill in some information to help FitTea 14 Day Detox know what you’re looking to do.

  • This is where you enter what type of budget you want to manage. This is between $100 and $250 dollars. You may not always want to go for the max because you need to take some time and figure out if this product and sponsor is going to be good to work with for a long time. If the relationship can be continual, then you only want to put $200 into the Your Price This way, if you like their product, and your viewers stay engaged with it, then you can always ask for more money especially if the sponsor is getting good results from you.
  • Click into the box that says Proposal Details. This is where you will type your proposal. I would start Patti’s out like this: My channel focuses in on beauty tips for mature women. Your FitTea 14 day Detox would be a perfect product for me to showcase on my channel. I’m getting ready to go on vacation to Florida, and I am seriously considering losing a few pounds before I leave. I would love to do a video about wanting to shed the unwanted pounds quickly and feature the FitTea14 day Detox as an option that I will be trying. I will also feature a follow up video at the end of two weeks of the FitTea 14 day Detox. It would be my pleasure if you would consider me.

Please understand that this is a rough draft, but it has all of the basic information that you want to have in your proposal. Be certain to use your sponsor’s language so they realize that you understand the dynamics of their company and products. This also helps you resonate well with them. It will catch their eye and make you look very professional.

  • Just below the proposal details, they have the Video Delivery Date. Click into that section to pull up the calendar. I told Patti to put her video delivery date at 20 days. This gives her the time needed to see if the sponsor approves her proposal, prepare her video, edit it and get it submitted.

If you feel as if the paragraph in the detail section is exactly what you want it to say, then go ahead and click on the Done button. That is it! You have just completed your first sponsorship proposal on FameBit. Patti couldn’t believe how concise this whole process really was to experience, and I love teaching my loyal subscribers how to improve her presentation when submitting proposals.

Thanks to all of you out there who have joined us on this Live Event, and I want to especially thank Patti for letting me teach her how to submit sponsorship proposals for her YouTube channel through FameBit.

If you have watched this video and are interested in finding sponsorship through FameBit, then please sign up with FameBit and get started immediately. FameBit is a very powerful organization. It is a great way to make money, especially for smaller YouTube channels.

Also, if you want to further your knowledge about YouTube, then please subscribe and watch my videos. I live, eat, and breathe YouTube. I love it and especially love helping people like Patti. So please subscribe.

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For this live event, I teach one of my lucky subscribers how to submit a sponsorship proposal on Famebit. I will also give my 3 important tips to improve your chance that your YouTube channel will be sponsored.

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How to Submit a Sponsorship Proposal For Your YouTube Channel on Famebit

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Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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Derral Eves

Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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