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UTuber Nation

Provo, Utah, USA: At the onset of the new year, Derral met with Utah’s YouTube community at UTuber Nation, a monthly gathering of creators, marketers, and...

Google Poland 2016

November 3-13, 2016
Poland/England: Derral recently had the opportunity to speak to creators, businesses, and brands in Europe, giving five different presentations while...

VidSummit 2016

Los Angeles, CA: Conference attendees listened to more than 30 presenters share their expertise in the field of online video marketing at the 3rd Annual VidSummit held...

CVX Live

Derral was invited to speak at the CVX Live convention in Orem, Utah on March 25-26, 2016. CVX, the Creator/Viewer eXperience, brings creators together for two days of...

GeekifyGuys Launch

Derral launched his new YouTube channel, GeekifyGuys, on March 1, 2016.
Derral teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jared Mecham from Ellie and Jared to create a new and...

On Set With Studio C

Derral returned from his Poland trip just in time to turn around and travel some more. However, this time he only had to drive a few hours north to Provo, Utah to be on...

Squatty Potty Video “Release”

Derral had the opportunity to collaborate as an executive producer with Jeffrey Harmon on a hilarious project for Squatty Potty–a YouTube video called “This...

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