We helped 24 channels go from a plan to a million subscribers!

Brands we've worked with:

Brands we've worked with:


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Having a strategic YouTube action plan before you begin your channel is very important. Derral will help you understand your potential audience, what video content audiences crave, and how to test it!

Who is Derral Eves?

Known as the YouTube Expert, nobody knows YouTube like Derral Eves. He has been on the platform since it launched in 2005 and has helped generate over 54 billion views and counting!

As a highly respected video marketing strategist, he has helped 24 different channels go from zero to over a million subscribers each

Industry Secrets

Derral has been the executive producer on several viral video campaigns, including Harmon Brothers Squatty Potty’s ice cream pooping unicorn, which generated over $45 million dollars in sales in a year. Below are just some of the projects he has worked on

Harmon Brothers - Squatty Potty Campaign

#1  Most Crowed Funded Project of all time:  "The Chosen"

Producer and Director for 
Top YouTubers

What Others Are Saying

Derral has had the privilege to work with hundreds of creators throughout the years and the results speak for themselves......

What Are Your Goals?

You are one call away from speeding up your growth on YouTube

Derral will be the first to tell you that he DID NOT deliver these results.

All he did was point these creators in the right direction and they have consistently crushed every goal and milestone they set out to achieve.

That is what you need....

You can already be creating great content but there is that ONE THING that is preventing you from reaching your viewer and subscriber goals.

Derral has the gift of breaking down complicated algorithms into simple and easy to understand tips for your specific targeted niche.

What Would You Do?

If you knew the correct steps to massively grow your channel?

With the right too achieve success like these creators here!

Proven Results

Creators have repeatedly experienced stunning results from Derral's guidance. Just 
take a look at the latest results from these various creators!

Build a Community Who LOVES your Content

Increasing Revenue for your business

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