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Husband, Father of Five, Geek,
Passionate YouTube Expert & Online Marketing Strategist

Who Is Derral Eves?
Derral Eves is one of the world’s top YouTube and online video marketing experts. First and foremost, though, he is a loving husband and father of five children. While he truly loves all things YouTube and works tirelessly to remain a leading authority in the industry, everything he does is secondary to his role as a family man. His family is what drives him to be successful in his business, so if you want to know the secrets to Derral’s success, read on…


Derral In Real Life
Derral grew up in a family of six active boys and a few sisters, too. His brothers were some of his best friends–friends who were handed some trials. He lost his brother, Jacob, to a kidney complication, has another brother who lives with a heart condition, and has two brothers who donated their kidneys to two other brothers with the same kidney problems Jacob had.

In 1999, his brother, David, was in a near-fatal ATV accident that changed the way Derral would live his life. It was very difficult to watch Dave adjust to a life of paraplegia, but Derral always looked to him as a true hero and a constant reminder of what really matters. When things start to seem too hard, Derral draws on the lessons he learned from his brothers: be happy to be alive, be grateful for what you have, and care about people not things.

Derral met his wife, Carolyn, after serving two years as a religious missionary in Paraguay. Carolyn had everything Derral was looking for in a life-long partner: beauty, brains, a good heart, and a willingness to drive around town in a minivan adorned with Star Wars figures on the back window. She was the perfect woman. Derral and Carolyn have been together over 20 years… still the beginning when their goal is forever!

In those happy years, the dynamic duo added five cute and crazy kids to the family tree. Their daughter Ellie leads her four brothers with a unique combination of grace and spunk. Of course, Logan, Kelton, Thatcher, and Bridger bring their own special traits to the dinner table, which means there is never a dull day at the Eves’ house! World’s Best Kids all around (just #askDerral).

Derral and Carolyn both grew up in Small Town, USA, and they appreciate being able to raise their kids in the same environment. Derral loves the Southern Utah sun and sky, so he’s glad he can stay connected to his global community no matter where he lives. Despite his frequent world travel and daily Internet commute to satisfy the demands of the job, his favorite place to be is with his family. They are truly his number one passion and priority and the motivating force behind everything he does.

Derral At the Core: What He Values
Just in case it isn’t apparent yet, Derral is a family first kind of guy. Besides family values, a strong work ethic stands tall among Derral’s ideals.
From the time he was just a kid, Derral has worked hard at everything he does. He puts his whole heart into his work, which is a major contributing factor to his accrued successes. Working hard is a given, but with Derral, working hard with passion is the standard. Anyone who has worked with Derral will tell you that he has a genuine passion for what he does.

Because the work means so much to him, Derral will give clients and partners an honest–sometimes brutally honest–opinion, but he does it in a way that makes them want to listen and change. His end game is to help people; he truly wants to see YOU succeed. That kind of passion is difficult to find and difficult to resist. He wants to make a difference, and he wants to help other people make a difference, too.

Derral’s Professional History
Derral’s fascination with computers and technology began at a very young age. He developed his first piece of malware in 3rd grade to the amusement of his teacher and peers. This was just the beginning of his love affair with technology. Since that young age, Derral has developed an understanding of niche-specific tools and trends unmatched by most in his industry.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing, Derral started a web hosting and design company. Then he bought a local newspaper and started three more so he could use the residual income to expand his Internet business. While working in the newsprint industry was an invaluable learning experience he would never regret, Derral knew he wanted to permanently move from the print sphere to the virtual. He made the final transition into the web sphere with the Creatus marketing brand in 1999, and the Derral Eves tradition of excellence in marketing was born.

The Rise of a Marketing Guru
Derral has been contributing to the online marketing, video marketing, and YouTube communities ever since, consulting some of the world’s most successful channels, brands, and businesses. With his unique expertise and vision, Derral has helped generate billions of views on YouTube. Some of Derral’s top clients have included Red Bull, NBC, ABC, Adobe Software, The Piano Guys, Studio C, CVX Live, AEI, American Enterprise Institute, Roger Hamilton, John Assaraf, Lindsey Sterling, and many more. Derral has helped nine clients get their YouTube Gold Play Button with over 9 billion YouTube and Facebook views combined.

Derral’s areas of expertise include generating and converting traffic into revenue, social media management, search engine optimization, and consulting successful creators in the online video world. He was an executive producer on several viral video campaigns, including Squatty Potty’s ice cream pooping unicorn ad, which won the “Ad Of the Year” award at the 2015 Webbys, the HideMyAss! campaign, and Studio C’s Scott Sterling soccer and volleyball viral videos.

Derral has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, FORBES, AdWeek, Christians today, World Religion News, and several other media outlets. He was recently featured on an article in Forbes as #4 on the list of “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business.”

Derral’s expertise comes from years of education, hands-on experience, and continuous re-training. To keep up with cutting-edge trends in an ever-changing industry, he maintains current certifications in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and YouTube Audience Growth. He is also a certified Google Specialist and Google Partner.

Consultations With Derral
If you would like to add your name to Derral’s list of successful clients, you can schedule a one-on-one, 60-minute video meeting with Derral. Simply click on the Consultation button to the right and fill out your contact information, and Derral’s personal assistant will respond to your request as soon as possible.
After preliminarily evaluating who you are, what you do, and who your audience is, Derral will be able to discuss real-world, in-depth strategies for your business, brand, or channel that work.

About Video Makers & Marketers
Derral created the Video Makers & Marketers group to provide another place for marketers and video creators to connect. The group offers solutions and support for members of an online community. It’s a great place to interact with people who are doing exactly what you are doing or would like to be doing. If you would like to be a part of the group, simply log-in to Facebook and request to join, and go to the website for more information.

About VidSummit
In 2014, Derral founded the VidSummit conference, a video marketing event for creators and marketers, held annually in Los Angeles, California. VidSummit is one of the best ways to get access to Derral’s secret tips and tricks–things he doesn’t share in any other setting. He also brings in a power-hitting line-up of other industry experts who are extremely successful putting these marketing principles into practice. To learn more, visit

About Ultimate JumpStart
Derral’s Ultimate JumpStart program is a paid training series for anyone looking to “jump start” their YouTube channel. Derral takes participants through step-by-step actions to get their YouTube channel off the ground smoothly and correctly. This JumpStart helps YouTubers avoid making common mistakes most new channels make. Skip the trial and error learning curve and jump into YouTube the right way with Derral’s exclusive program. To learn more or to sign up, click on the UJS link to the right.

Derral On YouTube
In addition to consulting some of YouTube’s biggest channels and brands, Derral also has his own successful YouTube channels, putting his marketing principles into practice. His “YouTube How-To” channel is the biggest of its kind in the world, with over 350,000 subscribers and counting. If you’re not ready to make the Ultimate JumpStart, or ready to make the trip to L.A. for the VidSummit, you can find Derral’s YouTube education videos at In addition, you can receive Derral’s emails for free by entering your information under the “Subscribe To Email List” on the right.

Public Speaking
Derral thrives in live-event settings where he can share his knowledge, experience, and contagious passion with creators and entrepreneurs in any market. He shares his message with a passion and intensity that inspires listeners around the world. He has been invited to speak at marketing conventions and to private groups in both small and large locations around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Poland, London, and everywhere in between. Derral is driven to help individuals and businesses grow and succeed, and ultimately to help make a positive impact in the world. However, he tries to minimize travel to stay home with his family as much as possible, so he is selective about the events he agrees to attend. If you think Derral is the perfect fit for your group or event, please enter your information below and his personal assistant will follow up with you.

Have a Question For Derral?

Derral is ready to help you achieve your goals. If you still have unanswered questions, please fill out the following information and Derral or a member of his executive staff will respond as quickly as they can. You also can find him on Twitter or Facebook under Derral Eves, VidSummit, or Video Makers & Marketers.

To Your Success!

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