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I’ve been thinking of different ways to help my subscribers generate some extra money with their YouTube videos. Since I love looking for a unique way to utilize video, I found one of my subscribers who could help me with this exact thing.

I want to introduce Evan Carmichael who has joined me today to share with you a few things that he is doing to actually make money as well as monetize his YouTube channel in a way that is a little different.

After searching through my comments, I always saw that Evan was always out there and very active participant on my channel. So, I decided to take a look at his channel and was very impressed with what I saw. First, his content was really good. Second, I could see what he was doing differently to make money with his YouTube channel.

Evan explained that his channel was all about entrepreneurs. He believes in helping them because they are the ones that have a dream to start their own business, and rise up and go out and accomplish their goals. That is why Evan goes on his channel every day, twice a day, and posts videos. Many people have asked him about making money on YouTube and instantly they are thinking about AdSense. But there are so many more ways to go about making money because YouTube is not where he got his start. Some of the things that Evan did to make money was by doing workshops and webinars, and then used YouTube to generate more business for his speaking gigs, book deals, eproducts, and also saw it as a great funnel. He thought that other entrepreneurs that were only thinking AdSense to make money. That is very limiting because the amount of potential that is out there is unlimited especially for online businesses.

If you think about it, it takes a lot of views and lots of subscribers to make a decent living on YouTube. It’s a little more difficult than what most people think. However, I have found that there are some channels and videos that can make you. And pretty soon you can have a complete lifestyle change and make the kind of money you want just based off of a few videos.

Evan told me that the typical advertising model is definitely based off of how many views you get along with the dollars per CPM. If you have targeted deals that you are working with along with big brands, or speaking at conferences, most of the time your audience don’t care how many views each video is getting. You’re just there to help them achieve a different goal than just reach on a particular video so they can make thousands of dollars. With Evans technique, he has made thousands of dollars on videos that mainly have a couple hundred views.

I totally agree with Evan. The whole thing is developing a video that has the content that delivers to the viewer to go through actions, and the action would be, “Oh, I just found out about this Evan Carmichael guy and guess what? He has a great video, he sounds like he’s a great speaker, there’s some clips of him speaking and some testimonials or what have you, and I want to book this guy.” And they reach out to you and that can translate into a lot more money.

Another thing Evan told me was that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t necessarily see themselves as speakers when they are creating their YouTube channel. What a huge opportunity it is to reach more people to get more views for your own channel, but also make money at the same time and travel the world at speaking engagements. I know that Evan is right about one thing… YouTuber’s are really missing out.

After talking and finding out everything that Evan was doing to generate more income around his YouTube channel, I asked him to list some step by step ways for people that have this interest to make more money. This is what he suggested:

  • Step One: Having a clear audience so viewers are able to come to your channel and know who your audience is because if you’re going to get hired by a company to come speak, or if a brand is going to pay you the work on some deal, they’re trying to reach the same audience as you are. So that has to be really clear who your market is. For me it’s the entrepreneur’s. If you are not an entrepreneur, you’re not going to like the stuff on my channel. That may be really obvious to somebody that is new to the channel. If there is an event that’s about entrepreneurship, I’m an obvious choice. If it’s a speaking event where you’re talking to a corporation, they don’t want me because I’m going to tell all of their staff to leave this company and go start your own business. So it has to be really clear what you are about. What you stand for and who your target audience is. If anybody wants to learn about video marketing, YouTube, Online marketing, then another channel such as Derral Eves channel is the one you’re looking for. So, be aware of the audience‒ that is step one.
  • Step Two: Develop a platform document. What you want to do is make it really clear to everybody who’s checking out your videos or looking at your newsletter or your website. That includes everything that’s related to your brand. Obviously I am helping out entrepreneur’s, but I get them a platform document to tell them here is what my audience looks like, here’s my analytics, here’s how many views that I get, you know, here’s my YouTube channel, here’s my Twitter channel, and here’s the reach that I have through my website. Because these brands, these deals that you are working with want to see that you are deeply entrenched in your community and the more you can showcase some of the stuff you’ve done, if you’ve already done some speaking engagements, if you’ve been in the media, make a platform document that makes you look really professional. Companies expect this kind of behavior and a lot of people have no idea how to make one. That is why I have put a sample on my site. I’m sure you have something on your site that you give to those brands, but putting that package together, an easy PDF that somebody can share within the corporation that say, “Hey, we gotta get this guy to speak at our next event!” is what you want.
  • Step Three: Create a funnel. Some of you may not have a speaking gig yet, and you may not have testimonials either. But think about your channel as a funnel and most people just try to get people to like there video or to leave a comment below. You want to do more than that. Subscribing is kind of like a funnel as you’re building up this list of subscribers. My focus for my channel is getting people on my newsletter. I want people’s email addresses. So you can get people a free eBook, and you can have a call to action at the end of your video asking your viewers to sign up to your newsletter because it gives you permission to market to them. This way you are not relying on them going to their YouTube every day to see your newest video. You can email them. A lot of the gigs that I’ve gotten from my business along with a lot of the repeat views I’ve gotten on my video’s has been from the email addresses I collect. I have almost a 100,000 email addresses now. I have more email addresses than subscribers on my channel and every time I have a new video, I can market to them. That is why you want to build that funnel up so that it gives you the best chance of being able to continue to reach out to your audience.
  • Step Four: Have a speaking page. It’s really important to have that speaking page dedicated to you as a speaker; to say all the great stuff that you’ve done, and all about your audience. I have a link to the platform document where I have added some key videos that you want people to see, and add that to the link inside your website. If I hit your website, the homepage has a link somewhere at the top or bottom that can find your speaking page. Basically everything that a company needs to look at before making the decision to hire you should be easy to find right there on one page. It’s about seeing the risk because they could hire anybody to speak at their event. So you need to make them know why they want to hire you. You can even do the first few speaking gigs for free, and that still gives you an opportunity to establish your brand and get testimonials that say you did a great job or people learned a lot from the event.
  • Step Five: Showcase your speaking clips. An example of this is whenever I go to a big event, and I ripped this one of Gary Vaynerchuk, I record it. I love his channel I’m a subscriber. He gets paid a mid 5 figures every time he goes out and does a speaking gig. He puts his entire speech up on his channel. That is smart because it lets people know what he is about. I might see if I can book him for my next event and he’ll also edit it down so the whole speech is 45 minutes, then he’ll put the whole thing live and then he’ll pull out key points that may be 1-2 minutes long each from the same speech and just pop those as kind of teasers as one liners, as something that peeks somebody’s interest to promote to the audience that says, Gary does a lot of speaking, Evan does speaking, Derral does speaking so they know that this is an option for their company.

All of these steps are really great pieces of advice. In fact, it is brilliant. Evan really has a great insight of how to capture other ways of revenue. Like with step one; if you don’t add the information on to let your viewers know that you speak to audiences, then they will never know. That is one of the reasons I started my channel, and that is to be known for speaking, for my YouTube channel, and video marketing. If people do a search, then you will come up in Google searches. And that is a great way to get exposure and make money addressing audiences and share your knowledge with them.

With step two, I also found something that works really well for companies. That is to pass around a video that coincides with the document and use it as a video of the response of the audience. That way you have a response of individuals that were in the audience and they give their opinion of the event. This is a very powerful way to get people excited to book you for a speaking gig.

In step three, funnels are very important to have to generate leads for speaking. One thing I have learned is to not put those on the end of every video. Here’s why: If you send people off of YouTube to go somewhere else, which can really hurt your session or watch time and could affect your ranking. What you can do is be very selective and make a video of when you send them off the site to make sure that there is a great call to action. That’s the ‘Click Here’ to get more information on how to book Derral Eves. So I will send them off, but not on every video. If you’re doing weekly videos every month, you might be able to do one video in that month that would send them off site and that way you can retain your authority on YouTube, but also get the traffic that you are always looking for. You can also put that information in the description, but if your whole goal is not to build subscribers or even have the authority on YouTube, you can literally send them off and go that direction and get more people in the funnel.

Some other tips I have found worthwhile in step four is to list where you have done your speaking engagements. Those interested in you might call them up to see what kind of response you gave to the audience, and that is always a great way to receive free references. I know if you are going to make the higher end deals and get the speaking gigs that pay you tens of thousands of dollars to go and speak, they’re going to reach out. They’re not only going to reach out to the people that you spoke to, but to any potentials that are on your list of reasons why they actually booked you. I think that’s an important concept too. Having that speaker’s page, but also put where you’ve spoken and where you’re going to speak if you have multiple gigs and if you don’t, if you don’t have many gigs, all you need to do is make sure you have some testimonials or something on there that would just encourage them to book you. And remember, it is great to do a few speaking gigs for free. The testimonials are what really count at those times and it is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Then, in step five, Evan’s ideas are brilliant. Getting more content is good to have, but trim it and make a good edit of your video before you upload it. Use your YouTube tool to do this and it will help you create a crisp video with strong content in it. Cut out all the garbage that may lose your audience. I also have a video on this, and you can take a look at it in the end of the video. You’re able to publish new video and that’s new content in YouTube’s eyes so you’re actually having a 45 minute speech and then you pull out maybe 5 or 6 segments, that’s 7 video’s that you could have and they’d be unique video’s in YouTube’s eyes, so that’s a great, great tip.

So, I asked Evan if there were any last things that he’d actually recommend that they do to use video or YouTube to get those speaking gigs.

Evan told me that one common thing that comes up a lot is that people are afraid. They are afraid to get in front of an audience. They are afraid to reach out to brands, or they are afraid they won’t do a good job. They think, Oh, I’m not going to be a good speaker. And it’s just a matter of overcoming that fear. If you want to have a lot of success with your business, the magic is going to happen when you break out of your comfort zone. He encouraged people to think about this; Imagine the first time‒ remember back when you made your first YouTube video. How nervous you were, how scared you might have been, and how you watched and you said, “Oh that’s terrible, I’m not even going to put that up.” And over time you got better and better and the same thing can happen with your speaking career.

Evan stated, “The first time that I went into a speaking gig, I was nervous, my hands were sweating, my heart was beating, I wished they would cancel on me. I secretly wished they would cancel on me because I was so scared to do it. But then it was awesome when I went and every time I go it gets better and better and better so if you are afraid and you think, I can’t speak in front of a group, talk in front of the camera fine but not in front of a group. Start small and with any skill it will get better and better and it’s really such a fulfilling part of being an expert and running the business is to be able to see the impact that you’re having on people when they light up to what you are saying in the live audience.”

I really appreciate Evan for all of the great advice. There was so much to cover, and all of it important. I think it’s very essential to find other ways to generate income utilizing video on YouTube. We can all learn from each other, and I honestly believe that Evan has a great way of generating revenue with what he is doing.

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Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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