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There are great ways to make money on YouTube that don’t include using ads. Actually, this is a more powerful way to make money that so many people have not ever heard about or seen it done this way.

To start off, there are multiple ways to make money on YouTube. Here is some information for you that will help you find more ways to capitalize on this:


So many of you out there don’t realize or understand how powerful sponsorship can be as a way to make money on YouTube. Some of my associates from FameBit, a self-service market place where YouTuber’s can go to check out opportunities that they are interested in for sponsorships, have offered to share some advice regarding this. Agnes and Adam have several ways to help you understand this topic.

  • It’s important to find the right brands for the right channels. Sponsors look for channels with a specific niche where they can get the most exposure and reach.
  • Collaborations are great ways to make money through product placement. Smaller brands can work with creators and receive great publicity with their video content.
  • No channel or brand is too small to find sponsors. Sponsorship can come in any size, shape, or form, so don’t be intimidated by how many subscribers you have. This is where the potential lies and it’s important to realize that sponsors look at things like engagement, building relationships with the brand, and how your campaign looks.
  • Highly engaged audiences, consistent views, and the fact that your video content is pristine matters.
  • Having a niche channel is called a ‘Hyper Focused Channel’ that can will be the kind of audience that a brand wants to target. This is where the potential lies because content that is appealing, the larger your audience grows.

Now that we have discussed a few of these items, you can see how important it is to really develop your channel. Even if you’re just starting out, any brand can turn into an overnight success by using these key elements such as having the right niche and a large amount of engagement with your audience.

There is a correct way to present your channel to sponsors that will help brands get noticed faster. Some of these things are:

  • Having cover images and headers for each one of your videos
  • Make certain that your content is polished
  • Do your research before you go looking for sponsors
  • Have a clearly defined proposal. This is your brand’s resume, so make it shine!

I want to tell you how great of a job FameBit is to helping out new or old companies find sponsors. They have the process down to where you can immediately start sending out your proposals and showing off your campaign. There is really no obligation. Everything is balanced to make the process as smooth as possible when it comes to collaborations with sponsors.

To see how this all works first hand, I will be finding subscribers who want to start this process and get them started with this process. This will be an exciting challenge… and another Live Event to show you!

Continuing on with finding sponsors‒ Adam and Agnes talk about a new tool that they have added to their process to help with collaboration. They have made it possible to go on and post your own collaboration and grow your channel with other YouTuber’s. It is an amazing process and invites anyone to get with FameBit to check out all of the opportunities they have available.

Sponsorship will benefit big and small channels alike. This is a great way to generate money no matter what type of business you have. Now, sponsors are always looking for brands that fit into a specific niche. All you have to do is figure out how to get yourself prepared to find those sponsors that need you.

Question & Answer Session:

Rebecca mentions that she has a very engaged local subscribership, but it is under 1,000 subscribers:

Thanks for asking that question Rebecca. One thing you can do here is to go after local businesses that would sponsor a video. These sponsors would pay you for talking or mentioning them in your video regarding a coupon or discount of some sort… and that is money you can get immediately. This makes you more money than by using AdSense. Keep in mind that its all about views and engagement especially if it is only on a local level. There is still money to be made with that until you are able to build your business up and grow.

Becky makes videos about the crafts she creates and wants to know how to make money with YouTube with this:

Just let me say that arts and crafts has a huge demographic. There are all kinds of ways to make money on YouTube with this type of niche. The opportunities are endless which makes this all the more exciting to delve into with sponsorship. I would strongly encourage you to post content two or three times a week, make great quality videos of your craft tips and such, and use FameBit to find some sponsors to start you out making some good money.

Eric asks what is recommended to promote a gaming channel?

Gamers are a little bit different. First, don’t put your stuff out on Pinterest, because gamers don’t spend quality time there. Instead, look for communities called Subreddit at Reddit.com because this is where the gamers hang out. This will help you find more subscribers and also look for forums about that specific game. Becoming an active member in these areas will really build your channel.

This viewer currently runs the largest Christian website and we need a strategy to significantly grow our channel. What advice could you give me?

What you could do is to look at one aspect of your channel instead of having it out everyone, look for ways to appeal to your specific demographic. When you do this, you will start to see an increase in viewers. Looking for the best and most appropriate audience that will engage with your channel will be one of the best ways to significantly grow your channel on YouTube. Now if you’re looking for a younger demographic, you will want to go to Instagram and have a 15 second video to advertise your brand that will lead them to YouTube. Ultimately, you need to clearly identify who you are trying to reach, how frequently are you trying to reach them, and what type of content will appeal to them. You don’t want to blanket the YouTube channel with everything. You need to section it off for your different viewers to help everyone find something to be engaged with.

Are there other sites other than FameBit? I have a niche in firearms, prepping, or channels associated with my specific area.

I believe that FameBit is probably your best bet to finding a complete package when it comes to finding sponsors and such. They are continually spreading themselves out and gaining more specific niche areas as the need arises, so you could sign up and see if there are any other brands that are similar in demographics and do a few review for specific products. The whole thing is that you can approach other websites that have the same products that you are associated with or same demographic to figure out other websites and do a sponsorship with them. This will generate leads for you and open up a huge line of engagement and viewer traffic along with getting paid by your sponsors. This can easily be done by making a list of every website or company you are associated with. You can also find press release information on websites with allows you a way to contact these people. And before you do all of this, you have to have a plan. Get your strategy or campaign ready, know for certain what you will be doing, and set out and find those people that want to join in your crusade. This saves time and makes you more successful in the end.

Johnny wants to know when the next Live Channel Event is happening?

There are two Live Channel Events coming up in the next couple of weeks. They will be full of information, fun guests, and ways to help you out with your website or channel.

Annie asks if there is a minimum to subscribe to FameBit:

FameBit only requires 1,000 subscribers to sign up with them. There are a lot of options that are not granted to you unless you have this many subs. This is what they use to gauge how serious you really are about your channel. It also helps them to know that you are in a position to grow your channel and serious about finding sponsors.

Eddie wants to know if there are any tips for monetizing covers on YouTube? He has a lot of copyright claims:

What happens here, Eddie, is that you get some match content. When you upload a cover song, it goes through YouTube’s content ID and matches it with other copy-written content. Based on the song that you are using, and the copy write restrictions that are on the song, they might take all of your monetization from that. There are a few things that you can do. One, you could join a MCN. This is a Multi-Channel Network. There are some that have the ability to load through their system that will allow you to do a share of monetization with that cover song. Usually, this is the best you can do in this type of situation. FullScreen is a huge one to look at and Maker Studio is another great one to check out to see if you want to make a contract with them. Two, find another way to make money outside of AdSense. There are multiple ways to make money but you will always find success by selling merchandise. This can generate a large amount of revenue for you in the meantime.

Robert had some app developers that sponsored me, but I never got paid only views. How can I change this?

This is the reason I love FameBit. From what Adam mentioned earlier, when a brand comes into FameBit, they already have the money in escrow waiting for their customers. So there is never a chance of not receiving your money. As soon as your proposal is complete and your video is finished, you actually get paid. So, Robert, never upload the video until you are paid. Find sponsors that will sponsor one video and go from there.

Jack says that he really wants to make YouTube videos but I dont know what equipment to use:

I actually have a lot of free information about what type of equipment you will need especially for those of you that are just getting started. There will be consistently putting out a huge amount of content for the 2015 year to help everyone get a strong start with their website, channel, or video content. But that information is coming very soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and I will have all of that material laid out for you in detail to give you a good start.

Explorista sets out to blog about her travels around the world. Derral, how can I get more reach and engagement on YouTube?

The biggest thing with a blog is to tell a great story. This is about taking your audience on the journey with you. You can reach a huge audience simply by making them care enough about what happens that your audience becomes fascinated with the way the story begins to transform. Another thing you can do is collaborate with other YouTuber’s around the world. This grows your story. Then find a radio station or a media station and see if they will be willing to do a feature story on you. And, you can always send a press release to let people know that you’re out there and traveling around the world. Then, put all of your pictures and stories in a book.

A viewer asked if they should use mid-rolls ad:

If you have a lot of content, then mid-rolls can be effective, but if your video is only a few minutes long, then don’t. Your audience usually won’t withstand a mid-roll ad breaking into their engagement. Audience retention is a vital part of having success with video content and if an ad pops up that detracts them, then it will not be in good to lose your viewers for that short mid-roll ad. Now, if you started out with your first videos this way and your audience is used to it, then go with it if it is working for you. One thing you could do is ask your subscribers what they want from you. If you find that they love your content but hate your ads, then change things around.

Any tips for smaller channels that are a part of a large community for example in fitness?

There are a lot of niches that are out there. One of the things to do is find a sub-niche and go for a specific thing unless you are already doing that. There are tons of people that go to their YouTuber and click on first thing in the morning to do their fitness video. If this is the type of fitness that you are doing, then you could get some major engagement because people are watching this from start to finish. This is a great place to put ads because your audience retention is through the roof. Finding a sub-niche and deciding what makes you different will be a great way to appeal to more people. Find the demographics, do some homework on what they prefer, and go to town gearing your content towards them. For example, do 3 hour long workout videos and then insert short clips of health tips on the other days.

Katie wants to know if she should remove her not-so-good videos off of her YouTube channel:

Well, Katie, it depends! Do these specific videos get a lot of engagement with views and comments? This is something you have to think about because once you delete these videos, it deletes them off of your channel and this brings it down‒ even if you just set them to private. There are a lot of you that have these types of questions like why does my lifetime views not match my other views. The reason why is if you have ever uploaded a video and deleted it, those views are counted to your lifetime views. So, keep your videos if they are working for you.

Ashley wants to know if this also applies to communities geared towards beauty?

Yes, there are always people resonating with these specific niches. It is all about making a connection with your audience that will make the difference.

Stan has a membership site that is health related and post a hangout video several times a week. What is the best way to promote my membership site through our daily hangouts?

What you need to know here is how many people are actually watching those hangouts that are not part of your membership along with how many are watching that are not actual subscribers. Go through your YouTube analytics and look at your subscribers by clicking on the button that says Show Only Subscriber Views to see who and how many are subscribed to you. However, if its health related and you bring on special guests or speakers, you should create an offer to funnel your viewers down through the process. This would include doing a hangout, having some interaction, and then tell them about your offer such as a free gift for the viewers that were watching by having them click on a link which takes them to a landing page. Now, this is where you can collect their name, email and other information, and it automatically sends them a PDF or video and that is the beginning of their funnel. So, your hangout is the beginning of the funnel. Then you have your landing page. The next step is your offer which leads them to your membership site. What this does for your viewers is to create credibility and shows your viewers that you know your stuff.

Are sponsors really interested in channels under 1,000 subscribers?

I want to tell you that there are plenty of channels out there that get tons of views. Still, these guys don’t have a lot of subscribers. It really depends on what you are looking for. So, if you are doing reviews, you would likely get sponsors to give you product. What they would start out with is by giving you a webcam to do a review on and just keep it. You would be making money off of that. If they are giving you something, then you need to review it. That is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Marty and Susan upload 401K investment advice videos, buying PC and reviews, healthcare insurance advice. We are just under 20,000 views and want advice:

Look for topics that are actually trending. Get on Google Trends and search for topics that are high in the news. These would be the type of videos that you would want to do. This would be a great outlet to do your advice video and get more traffic. If this is done right, it will go through Google News where more people will see it, interact, and build a base from there. Always make sure you give a great outro telling your viewers that you are always following trending news. Build a Facebook community to build likes, post your content from YouTube to Facebook and this will build your subscriber base.

Just some extra advice about outros: Everyone should do an outro on their videos. You should have annotations that goes to one other video along with the subscribe button. Another important key here is the way you do your title and thumbnail can make the biggest difference in your user engagement. You want people to continually click on your videos. If there is just one thing you would change immediately about your channel, please make sure that your thumbnail is very engaging and has uniformity. If they are branded across the channel, people will be able to identify you easier and this will help you increase your engagement.

David wants to know if there is a cheat sheet checklist that would help him set up a channel correctly so it gets picked up by Google News and other Google sources.

Yes, there is! Coming up, I have some advanced training and will have an update for that. But, there are ways to set up your channel properly, upload your videos properly, and create some credibility. This can be as powerful as a press release because your content is showing up in Google News and this allows you to generate a lot of income and traffic by simply setting things up the right way in the very beginning. I will have more information about this coming up soon!

Derral, should we create a separate channel for each specific thing within our community like beauties or DIYs?

You don’t necessarily have to do that, but one great way to start off is to create a content calendar. A content calendar is nice because you can easily modify it as you grow your audience. Then your audience will interact back with you because they are happy with your content. This can be done in segments, like a transition from one genre to another. You can also go from doing tutorial style to live segments that offer your subscribers a different way to learn from you. There are so many concepts that can be learned by watching a live event that can’t be done through a tutorial video. So by changing around your video release calendar you can find a great system and find change these sections around to offer different content throughout the week. You want to make certain that you look for an increase with your analytics for more traffic and subscribers.

What are your thoughts on Fullscreen comparing with AdSense?

Full-screen has a lot of advantages. There are a lot of MCN’s out there, so you have to weigh out the pros and the cons. I am not from a Multi-channel Network with my personal channel and the reason why is that I don’t want to be under contract. There are certain things that are coming our way via YouTube and I don’t want to be locked with some MCN that won’t allow me to do certain things. However, if you are involved with music, there are some great things opening up to bring some monetization in. But, if you are not making a lot of money off of your monetization, and you’re not dealing with music, then you will want to stick where you’re at unless they are bringing in benefits. MCN’s can be a tricky business to get into. They want you to sign up and sometimes forget about you. I have set up clients with Fullscreen so do your homework if you are heading into this type of territory.

I am now at 2,000 subscribers and I have a niche channel. I want to produce commercials and try to sell them to online retailers. How do I get past the gatekeeper and get to the decision maker?

Gatekeepers can be some of your best ally’s. I do so much that I have to get through a lot of gatekeepers. One client that I wanted had a very good gatekeeper. She was great at her job. It took me a full year before I got past her. Basically, I had to turn her into my sales person and she sold it for me. The biggest thing here is finding who the biggest decision maker really is. There are a couple of ways to do this. One strategy that I can tell you right now is to go through email, but make it personalized. Another great way is to send them a video with their picture on the thumbnail. This is a great way to get some attention! Make your email or video very short and to the point. You only have a small window to explain what you want to do.

Johnny said there has been a lot about sponsorship and you have worked with a lot of brands that sponsor different YouTube channels. Is there any advice?

The reality is that there a tons of different companies out there that are looking for you. They want your audience and you need to understand that it is better to have a hyper-engaged audience with a specific niche to advertise to them than to bring an ad on TV. The ad on TV has to be seen at a certain time on a certain place. But there is power with YouTube channels that others don’t have. When I go through a sponsor we can actually create what they call retargeting or remarketing. If someone watches a video, the sponsor could then place an ad to show up in the Google Display Network. This is one of the best ways to further your reach and get your sponsors to pull the trigger because they are getting the shout-out in the video along with the ad that shows up wherever they look on the web.

Derral, do you have to be a part of a MCN in order to show video games?

On any type of copy written content, things can get very interesting. There are some gaming platforms and games that they want you to do this to build up communities, create an interest in people in hopes that they will go out and buy their games. You can reach out especially to the creator of the software and get the ability to use it. All you need to do is reach out and tell them what you have, what you’re looking for, and what it is that you want and they usually will give you written permission. There are networks that already have these types of agreements and permissions for this type of niche.

Jana is looking to joining FameBit and find sponsors. However, are there other areas or websites that I can use just to go after it to find sponsors?

Like you were saying, do sign up with FameBit and then after that make a list that includes the websites and products that appeal to your audience and create a plan of attack. Look for individuals that are interested in your audience and create a proposal template that you can modify for each client. Once you have your proposal, you can reach out. Other great ways to do this is with press releases. Google looks for this a lot, so keep this in mind when getting out there.

Thanks to all of you that have joined me on this Live Event. It has been a great super training. You guys are great and I appreciate all of your comments and subs. I love being a part of your day.

If you’re really serious about finding sponsors, please visit FameBit.com and go through the process to get started. They are the professionals in finding those who will work with your niche and brand.

I love to hear about your successes, so let me know what happens to you. Have a wonderful and productive day!

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Paid sponsorship opportunities for YouTube influencers can be extremely more effective than earning revenue by Adsense alone. Derral discusses with Adam and Agnes from FameBit all about sponsorships on YouTube.

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Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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