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With so many changes going on with YouTube, it is important to take some time and go thru all of the new material that has come out.

First of all, I love YouTube.  I, personally, have been on YouTube since 2006 and love the platform that it provides its viewers.  Since then, I have been helping my clients have a presence on YouTube through video.

Why do I do this?

  • Video is extremely powerful and it changes all the time.
  • To give marketing tips to help my clients be successful.

Some of you out there may not be into marketing, but that doesn’t matter.  Today, we are going to talk about how you can get more views and a way to increase your income from your YouTube channel.  The reality is that there is a lot that you can do, so let’s get right to our advanced YouTube training.

What I Learned From Suzie Reider- Director of Video and Display Advertising:

I was able to meet with Suzie who is the head of video and display advertising for both Google and YouTube.  Now, here is a really smart and talented woman, and she really knows a thing or two about the business.

Suzie knows the pulse of all of the advertising that goes on.  She talks about some interesting relationships that the rest of the world is having with this business and explains how the opportunity is growing and not only to do it for yourself, but for other people.

What I learned from Shiva Rajaraman- Director of Product Management:

This guy is a technical man.  Some of the things that they are doing with mobile and integrated searches are amazing.  Talk about a brilliant man.  He is top-notch in his area of expertise.

What I learned from Rushabh Doshi- Manager of Engineering

Here is a man that is the brains with integrating mobile and did a presentation with the new apps that are coming out.  This is literally where everything in the industry is changing.

What I learned from Lucas Watson- Vice President of Sales

Lucas is very smart when it comes to where everything is rolling and where everything is going.  He is very up-to-date with the business of sales and is full of great information.

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The Industry

The industry for content marketing is a $40 billion dollar a year business.  These are people that create content and are content providers.  Money is pumping into this all the time.  I have clients that make money outside of video views and subscribers that are making in the range of $50,000.00 to $225,000.00 when they release a video.

More and more people are starting to connect and realize how to engage with people.  When it really comes down to it, YouTube wants everyone that has a website, YouTube channel, and Google account to create content and engage with other people.  That is the whole ticket here.  This is what they want and the amazing thing about it is that it is expanding at a rate far beyond our understanding.

Now, YouTube is in the business of narrowing down their target audience and advertise more to get more bang for their dollar.  Why are we having this conversation?  Because when it boils down to it, YouTube and Google want to engage with you.  They want to build viewership and engage with their audience in new ways.

YouTube and Google are changing.  They can see the future of this business and know that it is going places that we can’t even conceive yet.  Google has figured out where they are going and it is becoming updated and integrating itself.

One of their new items is to add multiple users to manage your YouTube channel.  Now you can tie your YouTube channels with one Google+ page and have 50 managers that have access to do certain things and doesn’t give away all of your personal information when dealing and managing other clients’ accounts.

Another great thing coming out is to create multiple YouTube channels with only one Google account.  You don’t need multiple Google profiles anymore.  Everything that I have is put on two accounts now.  One is for personal use and the other is for clients.  It is really awesome to have all of this condensed into one profile and tie your YouTube account to it also, and have a single login for multiple channels.

I have two channels that are my ultra-test channels that are exactly alike, 100% identical in channel authority, and use this to try out some results that I am looking for.  For this test, I took two videos, and asked for +1 and the other was a Facebook like and a share with the video imbedded in Facebook.

Now tell me which one ranked higher.  Was it the one in the YouTube search results or the Google search results?

It was the +1 because it is all integrated now.  Yes, Google owns search, but think about this for a second.  The number one search engine out there is Google.  What is the number one video service out there?  It’s YouTube.  Who owns YouTube?  Right, again!  It is Google.  And, what is the number two search engine in the world?  Yep.  It is YouTube.  Now, one more question for you.  What is the number one mobile operating system in the world?  Android.

Can you see the picture here?  They want to do something that will be big and make it so you can take them wherever you go.  And, it is a guarantee that Facebook is going to launch their own competition to YouTube.  It will be within the next few years because they bought Instagram.  Now, you will see that their demographics are going to be between the ages of 13 to 25 year olds, and will draw them in to form a community, along with social involvement and engagement.

Google is trying to make you more productive in your search‒ through video, local websites and content.  This will all filter through your community of friends that are within this range of demographics, and it will be through word of mouth, which is the best way to advertise, ever.  The second best way to advertise is by virtual word of mouth.

Think about this for just one second.  Facebook is great to communicate with your family and friends throughout the world, but if you’re going down the road on an Android device, you can talk into it and ask where the closest restaurant is, and then it will give you directions to that exact place within seconds.  This is power and this is where everything is rolling.

Now is the day that less and less will be typed and more and more will become mobile.  This will make them be everywhere; literally everywhere you are.  They want to be in your hand at all times so you can take advantage of their services.

See the Trend

With so much power literally at the tips of your fingers, it is important to understand and know that this is the way everything is headed in this industry.  There are trends and if you can see them, you can capitalize on them.

Looking back, one of Google’s latest flops was coming out with Google+.  When they didn’t see the kind of interaction they wanted, it suddenly became very obvious that they wanted your Google and YouTube account to become tied into one another.

In 3 to 5 years, when you want information, you will go to Google.  The goal that Google wants to make happen is to be everywhere that you are and on every devise.  That is one of the reasons that Google changed the way YouTube looked.  They wanted it to be more adaptable to T.V. to the handhelds.  So, why do they want to do that?  They want you finding the content that you want without all of the clutter.

Now that Google is better at profiling you, they have become better and better finding out what it is that make their users tick, so they can give you what you want.  And, if you don’t get ahead of the curve, you will be so far behind that you will have a hard time playing catch-up.

I like to test everything!  And, some of those tested were channels that received hundreds of millions of views and tested it with the one channel design along with the design of the old version.  I would get 20-40% more traffic, more audience retention, and more subscribers.  And this actually works.

Why Does This Work?

Did you know that almost half of all videos watched on YouTube are on a mobile devise?  The old format didn’t work well on a mobile devise and they revised it so it would.  Everything is changing of how we view things and mobile is literally exploding.

Now, back to some facts.  My channel was launched back on January 24, 2006.  I have been doing work for clients and getting hundreds of millions of views and tens of millions of subscribers for them, but then I said that it was time for me to get out there and share the knowledge that I have gained with others.  I really enjoy consulting and wanted to get out more and hold trainings.

Since that January date, I have had 15, 334 subscribers and that has taken time and work.  My goal for 2013 is 11,000 subscribers because I am keeping it realistic and know that it will still take some time to build that up.  But my goal for views is only 2 million.  Yes!  That is a pretty hefty goal but it is going great.

I was asked a question of why I only have one video that was monetized.  Yes, I only have one video that is monetized at this time because there are certain standards that have to present themselves before I will allow it.  First, I want a million views before I add AdSense to it.  It also has to be a specific type of video and I do not want certain things happening to me regarding this, and I do other things to generate money.

Here is one thing that I do know.  If you are a content creator, then your CPM and what you are going to be making from AdSense, etc., is always going to go down.  And this will always go down to a rate that is unsustainable unless they fix the model and take less than 40% of what you make.

They are making changes to better it, but there has to be other ways to generate income.  But remember, you have to make money outside of this YouTube platform.  Having a channel with ads is not the only way to make money.  It is to send your viewers through a sales funnel to pull out information to know who is watching and make changes to give them what they are wanting.

This all comes back down to some interesting things.  YouTube has made available for everyone with 10,000 subscribers or more to receive this functionality and be approved in Beta, but what they offer is all the information about your subscribers and engagement of your fans.

Google and YouTube want to create a new generation.  They want Generation C.  This has been a constant theme for the last two years to create this Generation Community.  These are the content creators of the future.  It’s all about getting people to communicate, engage, and react to each other’s thoughts and opinions.

So, back to the functionality of your subscribers.  You have the option to sort through the information this tool provides and send out messages, engaging back with those that subscribe to your channel, and gives you more freedom to grow as a community.  You can add different subscribers and it allows you to be more interactive and personal.

This tells you about your circle.  It brings all of the statistics right to your front door which gives you such an advantage to strengthen and grow your own community.

But the coolest option of all is this:  For years I have posted my own content on Vimeo.  It is a great service and I love it, but I can do a better job with my YouTube channel with these new options.  Now I can upload a private video to a specific circle, and only they can see it.  Now I can designate exactly who gets to see that specific video without having it affect those who are not interested in that particular area of my expertise.

YouTube loves audience retention.  This is their way of finding out how much time you actually spend on their website.  And the benefit of this now really affects that way I am looked at by YouTube.  When I do a training video, and people watch the whole hours’ worth, it will hike up my ranking which is a great thing for me.  Remember, I can do this for only those who are interested in that specific area of my expertise.  Those that are in that circle or community, and all the others out there with different interest don’t have to be bothered by it.

This is such a breakthrough because of the multiple ways that you can interact within the circle of your community.  But this isn’t all.  The tools that are now available are phenomenal and it is worth getting excited over.  Now, you can upload a private video and have it pay-per-click.  I can turn it on and charge money for people to watch it.  Yes, that has been around for a while, but this give another model that can be used to make money.  It is a way of saying, I have some valuable content, and I am in control of deciding who watches it.  And then, not everyone can share that information, making it an exclusive item, adding more value to it.

I had a question about why I don’t use Google Hangouts on Air.  One of the reasons I prefer not to is due to the problems that they have with it.  I do Goggle Hangouts almost every day, but it seems that there are problems with people getting on the right hangout and so on.  There are options with Google+ that are available now that make this almost obsolete.

Look at the Live Streaming options.  The quality is better and you can get higher resolution.  I can live stream my videos and events which is completely different from Google Hangouts.  Now, I can have a live event that I can charge $20 dollars for and give people unique content that no one else can see unless they want to participate.  This is a way of weeding out those that don’t want to be a part of this particular event, but gives to those that do.

Right now, I am starting my own community.  It is free for everyone on the call and you will have this YouTube Advanced Training in here.  Come on board and be a part of this community to interact and get involved.

The great thing about it is to help me find those people who really want to be involved and understand video.  I want you to become a moderator and track the different sections like discussions and questions.  The ‘sort’ tool is an awesome way to go through the information that is available and it is gives you access to only those specific things.

Get your Google+ account because once you become an authority, things will change for you dramatically with things across the board.  This is the time to get started, so don’t let a second be wasted in getting yourself there.

Some of the interesting parts of this is where I can embed a video that is tied to my Google+ page.  You can actually search YouTube, look up the URL, and search for your own videos, record video, or upload video.  Or you can look up and find other people and comment, watch their videos, and always be up-to-date with what is going on with your community.

The other tools allows you to clear out the clutter that you get with other sites.  The search is easy and now allows you to use the tools to make it more functional.  It also allows and encourages user engagement with likes, adding to favorites, and tagging.  This puts your video into a specific area to you can go right to it because it is in that category.  This is all from user engagement and that is what drives this industry.

This is truly a more simplified way of engaging and Google+ has done some good with their updates.  What a great way for video rankings.  Another great thing about all of these new modifications is how it is changing the perspective of how people use Google and YouTube.

Everything that is done in there will be tied together.  The comments, likes, searches, and subscribers.  It is all made to form a complete circle of data for the viewer to fully engage himself.  It will be on your stream, it will be on your page and in multiple locations.

Don’t Get Left Behind

There is too much going on with Google right not jump on board and get yourself started.  So because of this, I am going to show you something.  I can search for a new video of mine, see that it is three days old, and I am in the number 3 spot.   Without any promotion, I was set in the fifth spot from the top when I put it on without any promotion.  So moving from the fifth spot to the third means that I am becoming an authority when it comes to these types of video.  I am going to get higher views and rankings than anybody else that has posted video in this same area.  This is all happening in Google because I am integrating with their system.

What about niches?  Yes, you want to define what you are going after.  You can have multiple niches but you need to tie them to a specific Google+ page.  You can have as many niches as you want as long as it is ties into Google+.

So, right now, please make sure that you have a Google+ account so you can tie into the YouTube Underground with all of the new options that they are offering.   Make sure that you add me to your circle so we can continue our engagement with one another.  This strengthens the community as a whole making it a way to release content in a fast and efficient way.

There was a lot of confusion for years about which Google account you tied into.  Whether it was for business or personal or whatever.  Now, it has been streamlined to have one business account with 50 managers connected to it along with having your own Google+ account for personal use.  So the confusion is gone for those of you who were wondering about what to do with your multiple Google accounts.

Now, Google+ business pages can have their own YouTube channel.  That business page can bring on 50 managers to manage the YouTube and Google page.  This eliminates having to have a Google account for every client.  Now you have one business account for all of your businesses.

Everything Is Going Mobile

The whole world is going mobile.  You want to be where people can find information.  Everything is shifting to this new way of communication and engagement.  It is evolutional on a global level.  Don’t let yourself miss the opportunities that are ready and waiting to happen for you.  Google is the place to find information along with their properties like YouTube and Google+.

Everything is integrated now so I can look at my own stats, see how engaged my viewers are, and see all the things I need to figure out my tactics from my Google+.  Now, you need to realize that my subscribers would be higher if I focused all of my time on YouTube.  But now, I can integrate all of this into my Google+ and have more of this working for me.  It is all through mobile now and this makes big changes to evolve the way we use YouTube and Google.

YouTube Live is a great tool to use and I plan on having my webinars there by the end of the year.  Subscribe to keep in touch with the things that I will be doing there.

Derral Eves

Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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Derral Eves

Derral Eves is executive producer of The Chosen, which is the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Derral's passions also include YouTube and video. He is one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”.

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