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Private JV Partnership Opportunity – With Derral Eves

Why Derral Eves?

Derral has had some amazing success using video on YouTube. He is not your average video marketer. He has developed some strategic video marketing techniques that helps videos get more views and channels get more subscribers. He has personally helped his clients get over 603,000,000 YouTube Views. During the past 18 months, he has helped one of his clients (ThePianoGuys) get over 268,000,000 video views and 1,614,000 subscribers to become the 40th Most Subscribed Music Channel on YouTube.

Video Marketing For Offline Businesses – Derral has truly mastered video marketing.  He knows all the little things that make the biggest difference in getting the video to the top of YouTube and more importantly Google (Even above the Google+ Local Results).  He has personally helped hundreds of small businesses leverage videos as part of their Online marketing campaign to maximize their Online presence.

Using Video To Find Clients & Lead Generation – For the past 3 years, Derral has been using video to find clients for his offline business.  He has a developed a creative technique that is guaranteed to bypass the dreaded gatekeeper, and get to the decision maker. He used this technique to land a Attorney to pay him $33,200 for a setup fee and $5,000 a month. Plus, he used this same technique to close a 200 location franchise to use his Internet marketing packages.

Offline Video Domination

The Training Course – Derral has put his years of experience in video marketing and made it available for others.  He put together the Ultimate Training Course for marketing videos.  The Offline Video Domination covers topics (Modules) like:  How to Optimize your YouTube Channel, How to Optimize Correctly Your Videos, Video Ranking Factors, Advanced YouTube Training, and More.  He also has 7 training modules that cover his video techniques for Lead Generation and for client acquisition and 3  training modules that cover the other Secret Strategy to Close Multiple High Paying Clients at once (Derral Shows Everything). Download JV Sheet


yellow_signupnow2Product Price: 1 Pay of $297 or 2 Pay of $167

Sales Format: Webinar

Affiliate Payout: 50%


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