Books That Changed me

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There have been many books that helped me during my life.  They are some of the best.  I would encourage everyone to get as much education as possible and read good books that uplift and cause you to change your behavior.  Note:  All of the buy links are to my affiliate account on amazon. If you have an issue with that, just search for it in amazon or audible.


Business Books


thinkandgrowrichThink and Grow Rich 

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a motivational and inspirational library classic that is considered number one for those that seek to set goals and become successful.  This audio book is from the original 1937 edition by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie.  The original version has held through time as the favorite version sold to millions that inspire you to start with the mind to become rich.  In this audiobook there are 13 steps inspired by the experiences of hundreds of America’s most successful men that will motivate those who are striving to set goals and achieve their financial dreams.

7-habitsThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey’s #1 Best Seller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has valuable wisdom and principles for those wanting solutions for personal and professional circumstances. It has great advice on taking control of your life, honesty, integrity, teamwork and self-renewal. The questions he answers are still applicable today.

richdadpoordadRich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter

The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad uses the story of two men with diverse financial tactics to demonstrate what you need to do to achieve financial success. The book follows the story of the two men, the author’s dad who was poor his whole life and died poor and his best friends father who without an education passed the age of 13 became one of the richest men in Hawaii. You can learn from this book through your own thought process how to achieve financial freedom.

therichesmanThe Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

The Richest Man in Babylon has sold over two million copies and is a classic guide to increasing your wealth. Through simple and easy to understand parables, author George S. Clason shows how easily people can benefit from modifying their current habits and find wealth. He teaches about budgeting and building your savings with time-tested approaches.

leanstartupThe Lean Startup:

Eric Ries

Whether you are one individual just starting out or a group of professionals, The Lean Startup has fresh ideas being globally adopted for the way new products are being introduced and how businesses are built. Eric Reis guides you to avoid failure especially in times of uncertainty, to learn what the customer wants and how to undergo changes for successfulness. He shows you valuable steps to create plans and make changes to adjust mistakes that will ensure financial triumph.

startwithwhyStart with Why 

Simon Sinek

How can you inspire those around you to succeed? How can you receive greater respect from your employees? Simon Sinek answers numerous ‘Why’ questions about your place in inspiring and motivating those around you. He uses real life stories to prompt you to get a vision to be able to think act and communicate and find answers to important questions to lead a movement, build an organization or inspire a person. He explains what great leaders have done, the questions they have asked and the tactics they used to inspire those around them. Read this book to learn how to positively influence and motivate those around you.

stevejobsSteve Jobs 

Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs is the ultimate portrait of imaginative innovativeness that inspired remarkable feats of engineering and technology that contributed vastly to the 21st century.  Walter Isaacson has written this biography to capture the amazing life of Steve Jobs with 40 interviews he had with him over a period of two years along. He also had interviews from over a hundred family members, friends, colleagues and others that were involved in his life, business and interactions.  He followed the wishes of Jobs to write a honest biography that told the truth, good or bad.  You can follow the life of this innovative genius from his small beginnings to the empire he helped create called Apple.  He strove for perfection and had a enthusiasm and dedication to accomplish his dreams and dramatically enhance personal computers, phones, tablets, music and animated movies. His story is enlightening and cautionary, with examples of his character, leadership, integrity, values and innovation.

primal-brandingPrimal Branding: Create Zealots for Your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future

Patrick Hanlon

What is it that made Starbucks an overnight sensation and separated it from other coffee house companies? Why do many products with great product innovation, perfect locations, terrific customer experiences, even breakthrough advertising fail to get the same visceral traction in the marketplace as brands like Apple and Nike? Patrick Hanlon, senior advertising executive and founder of Thinktopia, decided to find the answers. His search revealed seven definable assets that together construct the belief system that lies behind every successful brand, whether it’s a product, service, city, personality, social cause, or movement.

In Primal Branding, Hanlon explores those seven components, known as the primal code, and shows how to use and combine them to create a community of believers in which the consumer develops a powerful emotional attachment to the brand. These techniques, work for everyone involved in creating and selling an image-from marketing managers to social advocates to business leaders seeking to increase customer preference for new or existing products. Primal Branding presents a world of new possibility for marketers of every stripe—and the opportunity to move from being just another product on the shelf to becoming a desired and necessary part of the culture.

emotional-brandingEmotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People

Marc Gobe

Emotional Branding is the best selling revolutionary business book that has created a movement in branding circles by shifting the focus from products to people. The “10 Commandments of Emotional Branding” have become a new benchmark for marketing and creative professionals, emotional branding has become a coined term by many top industry experts to express the new dynamic that exists now between brands and people.

The emergence of social media, consumer empowerment and interaction were all clearly predicted in this book 10 years ago around the new concept of a consumer democracy. In this updated edition, Marc Gobé covers how social media helped elect Barack Obama to the White House, how the idea behind Twitter is transforming our civilization, and why new generations are re-inventing business, commerce, and management as we know it by leveraging the power of the web.


Religious and Spiritual Books


bibleBible: King James Version

The Holy Bible is a collection of writings revealed from God and accounts of his interactions with His children. It is a testament of Jesus Christ and has given strength, encouragement and hope to millions of His followers.



bookofmormonBook of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ that millions rely on for hope, divine guidance and direction. It is a record of God’s interaction with the inhabitants of ancient America.



jesusthechristJesus the Christ 

James E. Talmage

Jesus the Christ was first published in 1915 and has been a religious classic. This is an in depth study by James E. Talmage about the doctrinal examination of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Many have increased their faith in the Messiah from the pages of this text.


abrahamAbraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths 

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler takes us on a journey to search for the inspiring story of Abraham which unites multiple faiths around the world. He travels to religious sites and through war zones to go back 4000 years to find understanding and insights that will inspire what we think about Abraham, our neighbors, ourselves and our future. This is a compelling book sharing the ancestor of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


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