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YouTube’s Hidden Secret Features and Easter Eggs 2016

You can find some pretty weird things on YouTube! Everybody knows there are some crazy things created by some crazy creators. But did you know that YouTube does something weird too? They have “Easter Eggs!” Let me keep it simple and explain just by using examples. If you go to the Search bar in YouTube […]

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How To Build a Brand and Not a YouTube Channel

Most YouTube creators go about YouTube all wrong: they put more focus on video views and channel subscriptions than anything else, without realizing that the most important thing they can do to have a successful YouTube channel is to build a brand. What does it mean to build a brand? There are some things I’ve […]

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New YouTube Channel Announcement

Drumroll, please . . . I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube channel! I teamed up with my buddy, fellow YouTuber Jared Mecham from Ellie and Jared, and created a new channel called GeekifyGuys. At GeekifyGuys we’re going to be doing some epic and awesomely fun videos. Every Tuesday we’ll have […]

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CVX Live

Derral was invited to speak at the CVX Live convention in Orem, Utah on March 25-26, 2016. CVX, the Creator/Viewer eXperience, brings creators together for two days of nonstop entertainment, presentations, and interactions with viewers and other creators in the online content creator world. On Saturday’s Main Stage primetime slot, Derral spoke to convention attendees […]

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GeekifyGuys Launch

Derral launched his new YouTube channel, GeekifyGuys, on March 1, 2016. Derral teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jared Mecham from Ellie and Jared to create a new and unique channel that’s all about having fun. Every Tuesday, GeekifyGuys will release a competitive activity video, while Thursday will be a competitive gaming video. The Geekify Gang […]

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200K Subscriber Giveaway

I get so many messages and emails every day from people who need help with their YouTube channels or who have other questions about online marketing. I just don’t have enough time in the day to answer every question and email, so I decided to do a drawing with my recent 200,000 subscriber video. As […]

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Derral Reaches 200,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Derral’s YouTube channel recently surpassed 200,000 subscribers, accomplishing a goal he set for himself two years ago. With this subscription milestone, Derral decided to give back to his viewers by hosting a live Q&A session: 200 minutes for 200,000. Derral’s crew put together a special filming set right in his office to optimize the live […]

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New Sponsorship Opportunities On and Off YouTube

If you follow me or have done some of my advanced trainings, you’ve probably heard me say that getting rich off of your AdSense account is not going to happen. The most effective way for YouTubers to make good money is to get sponsorships. Brands are starting to worry because people aren’t watching ads as […]

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How To Make Custom Thumbnails on YouTube – 2016 Tutorial

In this video I show you how to make custom thumbnails for your videos without even leaving YouTube. Go to and download the plugin, which works on all different types of browsers. Then once you upload a video, go to your pre-publish tools and click on Thumbnail Generator. The first step the Generator takes […]

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200K Subscribers + 200 Minutes of Ask Me Anything

My YouTube channel recently surpassed 200,000 subscribers! My subscribers helped me achieve a goal I set two years ago. To give back, I did the longest #AskDerral segment in history, a 200-minute video dedicated to LIVE questions from my subscribers. A big thanks to everyone for subscribing. Happy YouTubing! Watch the Video Below:

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YouTube Update: Suggested Tags

YouTube is always changing, and they’ve done it again with Tags. YouTube used to have a suggested tag feature, but now this feature is gone. YouTube says their algorithm has improved enough to make use of a video’s title and description. So creators can still use the tag feature, but YouTube is just no longer […]

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