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YouTube Live Updates: RIP Hangouts on Air!

YouTube and Google are constantly changing their features: adding new ones and taking others away. Sometimes they knock it out of the park with these features, and sometimes they just strike out. In 2011 Google introduced Hangouts On Air, and it was a flop. It actually put YouTube in a decline because it didn’t enhance […]

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How To Do Contests & Giveaways On YouTube

Have you ever tried to do a giveaway on your channel only to have YouTube tell you you can’t do it because you didn’t follow the giveaway guidelines? Did you even know there were giveaway guidelines? Have you heard of anyone getting banned for breaking YouTube’s rules? I’ll share with you how to do a […]

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How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Links

It’s easy for YouTubers to assume that they just need to put more ads on their videos to make more money, but that’s not necessarily true. I invited my friend, Melea Johnson, to share some tips on using affiliate links to make more money on YouTube. Melea Johnson has “The Melea Show” on YouTube, and […]

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How to Create Animated Gifs for Your YouTube Videos

Not only is creating animated gifs fun, but also it helps promote your videos and your channel. YouTube gives a lot of love to videos and channels that bring more traffic to YouTube, because more traffic equals more money through ads. So if you want another way to push traffic, learn how to create gifs. […]

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How to Contact YouTube Support – 2016

Who do you contact when you have an urgent issue with something on YouTube? This has always been a problem with YouTube in the past because there was no one to contact right away. Yes, you could go fill out a form, but you’d never get a quick response, or your issue would just fall […]

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Optimize Your YouTube Video – Translate Titles and Descriptions

One of the reasons why we spend so much time optimizing our videos–the right title, the description, the tags–is to increase to probability of our content being found. But sometimes we fail to realize that people from all over the world are accessing our content, and we need to cater to their languages. YouTube data […]

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YouTube’s Hidden Secret Features and Easter Eggs 2016

You can find some pretty weird things on YouTube! Everybody knows there are some crazy things created by some crazy creators. But did you know that YouTube does something weird too? They have “Easter Eggs!” Let me keep it simple and explain just by using examples. If you go to the Search bar in YouTube […]

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How To Build a Brand and Not a YouTube Channel

Most YouTube creators go about YouTube all wrong: they put more focus on video views and channel subscriptions than anything else, without realizing that the most important thing they can do to have a successful YouTube channel is to build a brand. What does it mean to build a brand? There are some things I’ve […]

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CVX Live

Derral was invited to speak at the CVX Live convention in Orem, Utah on March 25-26, 2016. CVX, the Creator/Viewer eXperience, brings creators together for two days of nonstop entertainment, presentations, and interactions with viewers and other creators in the online content creator world. On Saturday’s Main Stage primetime slot, Derral spoke to convention attendees […]

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