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How to Customize your YouTube One Channel Banner

How to Customize Your YouTube One Channel Banner with Style

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If you are looking to customize your YouTube Channel Banner and give it a little pizazz, then this is the place to be.  There are two templates that I use to customize banners for my YouTube Channel.

  1. Pixlr  (Download Pixlr Templates Here)
  2. Photoshop (Download Photoshop templates Here)

In this video tutorial, I will be using to show you just how easy it is to create a custom banner for your YouTube Channel.  First, you need to go to  and upload this site for my tutorial demonstration.  Don’t worry about a thing.  It is super easy and you will see how simple it is as we go through each step.

Designing and customizing a YouTube one channel banner is simple to do, giving you a great look and personalizing your YouTube Channel’s appearance.  This process allows you to select background color and images which appear across the top of your YouTube Channel page.  This is also a way to emphasize the importance of your brand and ability to grab the attention of viewers and captivate new subscribers to your channel.

This move by YouTube shows that it has more to offer than just a video-only platform, making it highly visual for all YouTube audiences and emphasizes channel content.  Banners are especially effective as they allow recognition across multiple mobile devices, making your YouTube Channel a progressive super-star.

Simple Steps for YouTube One Channel Banners Design:

  • YouTube’s banner for one channel design is a responsive banner and will resize itself depending on what mobile device you are using.
  • Choose an image.
  • Modify image until it is positioned correctly.
  • Select font type, size, and color.  Use shadows or overlays to make it stand out.
  • Check the view on all devices to make sure it is compatible.
  • ‘Save’ banner to your YouTube Channel and upload.

Watch the Video Tutorial Below

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